How Mentorship Can Change Your Career

Engineers spend years gathering arsenals of career knowledge specific to their jobs, their fields, and their personal experiences. That knowledge helps them get raises, find new jobs, and continue building their education to greater heights. But a large portion of that knowledge is also wasted.

Many engineering firms have discovered the value of mentorship. Mentorship allows experienced engineers to take rookies under their wing, imparting the hard earned knowledge that has helped them excel to a new generation of innovators. But mentorship doesn’t just benefit the protege, it also develops the mentor’s career.

Benefits of Mentorship

  1. education and mentorship graphMentorship provides education. Imparting your knowledge of design, project management, and even company culture can change a protege’s career. But, believe it or not, mentorship is a two way street. Mentors can learn innovative thinking, fresh approaches to old problems, and new time management skills from Millennial engineers.
  2. Mentorship encourages networking. Developing close relationships with younger coworkers allows both parties to expand their professional networks. Not only will both mentor and protege introduce each other to their own networks of engineers, building a close connection with a coworker builds overall networking skills, making both engineers more likely to make connections at work functions, industry events, and educational seminars.
  3. Mentoring develops leaderships skills. It’s clear what skills a protege gets out of a mentorship relationship, but what about the mentor? Mentoring an up-and-comer helps established engineers develop crucial leadership abilities that don’t come naturally to most engineers: communication and people management.

At Engineering Search Partners we’re dedicated to mentoring engineers through career transitions. Call us for niche engineering opportunities, interview coaching, and on-boarding assistance.

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The Fastest-Growing Engineering Careers in 2015

Historically, engineering ranks high on the list of most stable careers. It’s not hard to see why. Engineers build the backbone of society — from buildings to bridges to biomedical tech — so it’s reasonable that experienced engineers are in constant demand. The engineering industry has expanded significantly since the early 2000’s, producing 7% more jobs and more 33% more graduates than in 2007. Some engineering disciplines, however, have higher growth rates than others.

Top Engineering Careers for 2015

  • business growth chartCivil Engineering. Civil engineering is a field marked by near-constant growth. In the last several years, new hires have outpaced job postings in civil engineering by over double. Many civil engineering positions are filled through personal connections, networking, and professional recruiters.
  • Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering has remained a stable opportunity for qualified candidates. Between January 2012 and July 2014 over 12,500 mechanical engineering jobs were posted. Over 75% of those job postings resulted in new hires.
  • Industrial Engineering. Job postings for industrial engineers have increased dramatically over the last several years. Opportunities outrank new hires by almost triple. Industrial engineering is a vast opportunity for young people earning engineering degrees.
  • Petroleum Engineering. A relatively small engineering field, petroleum engineering combines high compensation with fast industry growth. Unlike many quickly growing engineering fields, petroleum engineering slants toward an older workforce.

Top Engineering Careers Based on Age

While youth are taking over some engineering disciplines, established engineers have an edge in a number of fields. Over 25% of engineers in the petroleum, electrical, industrial, aerospace, and marine/naval fields are 55 or older. Younger engineers dominate the hardware and agricultural engineering fields.

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The Word on Engineer Recruiting

We could talk all day about engineering, job search tips, and making sure you’re fully utilizing your talents. At the end of the day, though, there’s one reason we do what we do: you! We love helping engineers build solid careers, and hearing how our services have impacted your life for the better builds us up, too. Here, in your own words, is the heart of Engineering Search Partners: research, recruiting, and on-boarding.

Research on Purpose

“Pat’s personal attention to detail and intricate knowledge of the structural engineering industry is impressive. I always left each phone conversation appreciating how much care and thought he had put into the search process.” – Silvio Cordero, PE

“[Pat] did a great job with the coaching aspect of recruiting, which I have never had before with any other recruiter.” – Amanda Cherry, EIT

The Right Man for the Job

engineer recruiter“My experience with Pat was nothing short of incredible. He did not just focus on my need for a very rewarding job, but also on my personality type and how that would mesh with my new employer. . . I was prepared to settle for a great job, but did not envision that Pat would go the extra mile locating me to help me take the Next Step in my Career!” – Silvio Cordero, PE

“Patrick is amazing at finding the “perfect” job and made me feel like I was his only client – very prompt responses to emails and voice/text messages . . . I would highly recommend him if you want to find your dream job in engineering!” – Amanda Cherry, EIT

Ready to let Engineering Search Partners transform your job search? Send us your credentials and we’ll find the niche engineering position that was made for you.

How to Find a Job (While Employed)

Many engineers searching for career opportunities are currently blessed with gainful employment. Having a job certainly makes navigating a job switch more financially feasible, but it also leaves less time for applying, preparation, and interviewing. Applying for a job while employed can also alienate your current boss, coworkers, and professional network. Navigate an engineering career switch with these tips on how to find a new job without getting fired.

How to Find a New Job While Employed

  • job search secretMonitor your mouth. Are you looking for an engineering position outside of your current firm? It may seem harmless to mention your job search to coworkers, but every person you tell increases the likelihood of your boss finding out. If you’re not planning to notify your boss of your job search, don’t tell your coworkers either.
  • Update your privacy settings. A substantial portion of your job hunt should take place online. Many professional networking sites have notification systems that tell your business acquaintances about important events: work anniversaries, profile updates, and even new connections. Update your settings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, and other digital job search websites to keep your job search private.
  • Consider ethics. If you’re looking for a new career, it isn’t smart to research during work hours. Not only will using the company computer likely reveal your job search to your current employer, using company hours to find a new job isn’t ethical. Instead of getting paid to find a new job, search for engineering positions on your own time.

Don’t get fired for wanting a new career. Search smart to keep your job safe while you look for a new engineering job. Call Engineering Search Partners for information on engineering positions in Atlanta, Denver, Houston, and New Orleans.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for engineers looking to break into a new market. It can also be a major stumbling block for your career. Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively by knowing what mistakes to avoid when building your online network.

4 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

  1. social media addictionSeeing it as a job search tool. LinkedIn is a powerful networking space that helps professionals find exciting new career opportunities, but viewing it as a tool exclusively for finding a new job limits its impact. To make your LinkedIn account effective you should make connections, endorse co-workers, and engage in discussions on engineering boards at least once a week, whether you’re looking for a new job or not.
  2. Accepting every connection. The engineers in your network are a reflection of your personal brand. Only connect with people you know and trust.
  3. Being all take and no give. Did your co-worker endorse your skills? Whether or not you asked for it, decorum dictates that you should return the favor. If there are no skills on their profile you feel comfortable endorsing, write your own. They can choose whether or not to add those skills to their profile.
  4. Getting too personal. Authenticity helps develop connections, but take care not to get too personal on LinkedIn. Keep photos professional, stay on-topic in your profile, and never share posts that aren’t relevant to your industry. Remember, it’s a professional networking tool, not your personal Facebook page.

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Build a Better LinkedIn Profile

If you’ve landed a new career in the last few years, you probably know that LinkedIn is a powerful resource for engineering professionals. LinkedIn allows you to market your skills, discuss your work history, collect recommendations and endorsements, and connect with other structural, electrical, and forensic engineers in your area. When you build your LinkedIn profile you’re building the foundation of your future career.

4 Secrets for LinkedIn Success

  1. online networking - female engineerFill out every section. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your online CV. Make an impact by sharing all relevant history, skills, and experiences.
  2. Add a photo. Your profile picture makes you more personable, allowing recruiters, HR departments, and other engineers to connect with you more easily. A photo also makes your LinkedIn profile look more professional and increases the likelihood that real life business contacts will connect with your page.
  3. Research. Just like any other social media platform, keyword optimization will increase your success. Study the profiles of successful engineers in your field and note which keywords are too general, too specific, overused, or right on the money.
  4. Be genuine. Are you requesting a recommendation from a former business colleague? Don’t let LinkedIn’s automated message speak for you. Write a quick, personal message when asking for endorsements, connections, or recommendations on LinkedIn.

Developing your engineering network is one way to launch your career to new heights. Working with a professional recruitment team is another. Get on the fast track to the engineering job of your dreams by filling out our Career Wish List.

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Engineering a Better Year

engineers and building plansNew Year’s resolutions are all about finding tangible means of achieving change. Penning goals for 2015 isn’t a stretch for engineers; their mindset hinges on innovation and attainment. But frivolous resolutions like “earn more” and “be happier” simply aren’t feasible goals. Enrich your professional life, business world, and the environment by following these 3 New Year’s resolutions for engineers.

Personal Resolutions for Engineers

New Year’s resolutions like “find a new engineering career” aren’t simply a pipe dream, but they do take a little work. If you’re unfulfilled, unchallenged, or unnoticed at your current firm, it’s time to dust off the CV and find a new opportunity. Get a jump on landing a challenging engineering position by submitting your work history to Engineering Search Partners. We have recruitment teams in Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, and Houston, meaning no matter where you are, we have insight on the structural, electrical, and forensic engineering careers in your area.

New Year’s Resolutions for Work

Building a positive and effective work environment has ripple effects for countless employees in your organization. To truly affect change in your office, talk to your coworkers about what frustrates them at work. Do they lack direction? Talk to fellow engineers about mentorship programs. Is there a communication breakdown between upper management and lower-level employees? If you’re not in a leadership position at your firm, take the initiative to discuss issues with your bosses. The first step in revolutionizing the office is to identify the changes needed.

Environmental Goals for Engineers

Engineers don’t simply change their personal and professional lives, but the entire world. Whether you’re a civil engineer in Denver or a structural engineer in Atlanta, make a resolution to use greener principles of engineering and design. By making a concerted effort to create greener projects, engineers can minimize waste, increase efficiency, and save energy long-term.

Don’t wait another year to become the engineer you were born to be. For help finding an engineering firm with the personal goals, office culture, and green building principles that support your dream work environment, call Engineering Search Partners.

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Engineering Search Partners Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

pat batchelor - santa clausIt’s a busy time of year, whether you’re a structural engineer buried in a new project, an eager engineering student seeking a job after a December graduation, or an experienced forensic engineering looking for a new opportunity. The holiday season is brimming with fresh items for our our to-do lists. From Black Friday until Christmas Day we’re busy buying presents, fixing up the house, and making holiday meal plans, all in addition to our daily business. But no matter how focused you are on building the perfect front yard nativity set, decorating the Christmas tree, or financing next Christmas with a new engineering job, it’s time to take a step back and appreciate the people in your life. After all, what would the holiday be without Christmas Eve Service, opening presents with the kids, and relaxing in front of the fire with visiting family?

This Christmas, remember the hope born during the advent season. It’s because of that love that we enjoy such unsurpassable blessings, both at Christmastime and throughout our lives.

Merry Christmas from your friends at Engineering Search Partners!

How to Ace a Phone Interview

At Engineering Search Partners, we work diligently to match top engineering candidates with searching firms. Our in-depth recruitment process assesses not only the technical skills and work experience of potential hires, but also their niche skills, enthusiasm for learning, and desire to embrace core company values. When we find qualified candidates, we work extensively with both the engineers and the HR department to help both parties put their best foot forward. Typically the process begins with a preliminary phone interview. If you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of telephone job interviews, here are some quick tips to help you ace a phone interview.

How to Ace a Phone Interview

  • business engineer on phoneBe prepared. That doesn’t simply mean learning your resume or knowing how to present your work experience, though of course those things are important. Being prepared for a phone interview means having the confidence to reschedule an impromptu phone call you don’t feel prepared for. There’s nothing wrong with telling a recruiter “I’m sorry, I’m away from my desk. When can I call you back?”
  • Do your research. That said, engineering candidates should complete their research long before the telephone starts ringing. Know: how to speak intelligently about your resume, who the company is and what they do, how your goals align with the goals of the engineering firm, and how you can help them reach those goals.
  • Play it cool. Whether or not you’re a career change aficionado, there are few things in life more stressful than a first interview. If your initial interview is over the phone, you won’t have visual cues to indicate how the interview is progressing. Listen for verbal cues like long pauses and shifts in tone. Remain professional, but don’t be afraid to build rapport and show a little personality. To put your best voice forward have a glass of water on hand and make a conscious effort to smile – whether you realize it or not, a simple smile can transform your tone.

Are you looking for a new engineering career in Atlanta? Do you have a specialized position that requires a qualified engineer with specific credentials? Call Engineering Search Partners.

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Building a World of Engineers

toddler in construction hatJobs aren’t the only thing weighing on engineers minds this Christmas. Engineers, like every other adult, have set their sights on finding the perfect holiday gifts for their friends, neighbors, nieces, and nephews. Presents are an excellent opportunity to get creative and teach kids about the importance of problem solving. If you’re looking for a gift that’s fun gift for the child in your life, use this opportunity to build the foundations of critical thinking – without your kid even realizing it.

How Toys Build Future Engineers

When you give kids engineering-based toys during their formative years, you’re helping them the develop the creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that will carry them into their future careers. Engineers in training need to test things out for themselves. Help kids develop their inner innovators by investing in a Build a Helicopter kit, a mini microscope, or a classic construction toy like legos this Christmas season.

Encouraging Girls to Develop their Passions

Young girls and boys show similar interest in building-based toys in their elementary years, but by high school the number of girls interested in STEM jobs drops significantly. Toy company GoldieBlox seeks to change that by marketing engineering toys exclusively to girls. If you have a little builder on your hands, flip through their website to find a “inventor girl” doll, build your own spin machine kit, or cutesy chemistry set to put under her Christmas tree this year.

Once you’ve crossed off your family’s Christmas list, you can take care of your own. Fill out our career wish list and help Engineering Search Partners find you the new engineering position that will utilize your skills and push your talents to a whole new level.

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