The Fastest-Growing Engineering Careers in 2015

Historically, engineering ranks high on the list of most stable careers. It’s not hard to see why. Engineers build the backbone of society — from buildings to bridges to biomedical tech — so it’s reasonable that experienced engineers are in constant demand. The engineering industry has expanded significantly since the early 2000’s, producing 7% more jobs and more 33% more graduates than in 2007. Some engineering disciplines, however, have higher growth rates than others.

Top Engineering Careers for 2015

  • business growth chartCivil Engineering. Civil engineering is a field marked by near-constant growth. In the last several years, new hires have outpaced job postings in civil engineering by over double. Many civil engineering positions are filled through personal connections, networking, and professional recruiters.
  • Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering has remained a stable opportunity for qualified candidates. Between January 2012 and July 2014 over 12,500 mechanical engineering jobs were posted. Over 75% of those job postings resulted in new hires.
  • Industrial Engineering. Job postings for industrial engineers have increased dramatically over the last several years. Opportunities outrank new hires by almost triple. Industrial engineering is a vast opportunity for young people earning engineering degrees.
  • Petroleum Engineering. A relatively small engineering field, petroleum engineering combines high compensation with fast industry growth. Unlike many quickly growing engineering fields, petroleum engineering slants toward an older workforce.

Top Engineering Careers Based on Age

While youth are taking over some engineering disciplines, established engineers have an edge in a number of fields. Over 25% of engineers in the petroleum, electrical, industrial, aerospace, and marine/naval fields are 55 or older. Younger engineers dominate the hardware and agricultural engineering fields.

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