Structural Engineers

Building Design

Designing structural frames for new buildings is the core of the Structural Engineering Profession.

Forensic Engineering

A Structure that exhibits chronic performance failures, or undergoes a catastrophic collapse, or requires a vulnerability assessment for extreme events often requires an experienced Forensic Structural Engineer to determine the Cause & Origin of the Failure and perhaps design the repair of the structure.


Design Build Industrial

Design build of Industrial facilities has become more popular over the last twenty years and structural engineers are an integral part of this sector.

Power Transmission & Delivery

Electrical Transmission Towers and Power Lines comprise a significant sector of the Structural Engineering Community.

Manufacture Design / Fabrication / Construction

Companies that Manufacture & Fabricate Steel and Concrete Members for Construction play a key role in the Construction Process.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Structural Engineers are always in Demand in the Oil & Gas Sector. The Gulf Coast: Houston, Beaumont, Baton Rouge and New Orleans are key locations for this industry. However, these companies have offices in many cities throughout the US.

Telecom Design & Data Centers

Design of Telecommunication Cell Towers and Data Centers are niche structural design industries, but support vital sectors of the economy.

New Bridge Design, Rehabilitation and Inspection

Bridges play a key part of the nation’s infrastructure. New design projects and rehabilitation of old bridges are creating significant career opportunities for structural engineers.