Top Engineering Recruiters

Engineering Recruiters can be your Best Friend, or they may not be much use to you. Honestly, recruiters are typically searching for Engineers that are “Hard to Find” and fill a Niche Position.

Regardless, here are a few tips on how to develop a Win-Win Relationship with a Recruiter in your Market Space.

  1. Use LinkedIn to Connect with Recruiters in your Area of Interest. Try to connect with as many Recruiters in your space as possible.
  2. By definition, Recruiters know a lot of people…. Try to develop a relationship with them and ask for any tips or referrals that they may have.
  3. Stay in Touch. But like every relationship, add value and don’t be intrusive or obnoxious.

Top Engineering Recruiters

Here are links to a few of the Top Engineering Recruiters:

Stephen Hinton: Specialized in Environmental Engineers
Matt Barcus: Civil Engineering Recruiter
Doug Scott: Top Water / Wastewater Engineering Recruiter East of the Mississippi
Brian Quinn: Top Structural Engineering Recruiter – Very Connected
Travis Almy: Top Recruiter in Manufacturing Engineers in the Southeast US