The 80-20 Principle

THE 80-20 Principle and How it relates to your Job Search!

The Top 20 Firms Hire 80% of the Engineers

The top 20% of the Engineering Companies in Each City in the US will produce 80% of the Projects and will Hire 80% of the Engineers in the City….

Engineering Companies Engineering Jobs
20% ofEngineering Companies ——-> 80% of Engineering Jobs
80% ofEngineering Companies ——-> 20% of Engineering Jobs

If you are interested in learning about the Top 20 Firms in your town, email us at and request your FREE COPY of the top 20 engineering firms in your Town. Note this list is only available for the top 50 Cities in the US…. Be sure to include your Name, and Email address and what town you are interested in.

80% of the Engineering Jobs are Never Advertised

Of the remaining jobs, 80% are Never advertised. At best they may be may be listed on a company website, but often these jobs are filled by internal referrals, filled by internal or external recruiters. So, do not spend more than 20% of your time replying to Job Advertisements.

So how do you find these jobs? Network, Network, Network.

“The size, depth and quality of your Network, will equal your Net Worth!”

LinkedIn is the best place to start developing professional relationships within your area of interest. LinkedIn is also the best place to do research on Who the Hiring Manager may be at any particular firm

The Key to landing a job is to TALK TO THE HIRING MANAGER.

Your goal should be to talk to the person at any particular company who makes the decision on who to hire.