How to Find a Job (While Employed)

Many engineers searching for career opportunities are currently blessed with gainful employment. Having a job certainly makes navigating a job switch more financially feasible, but it also leaves less time for applying, preparation, and interviewing. Applying for a job while employed can also alienate your current boss, coworkers, and professional network. Navigate an engineering career switch with these tips on how to find a new job without getting fired.

How to Find a New Job While Employed

  • job search secretMonitor your mouth. Are you looking for an engineering position outside of your current firm? It may seem harmless to mention your job search to coworkers, but every person you tell increases the likelihood of your boss finding out. If you’re not planning to notify your boss of your job search, don’t tell your coworkers either.
  • Update your privacy settings. A substantial portion of your job hunt should take place online. Many professional networking sites have notification systems that tell your business acquaintances about important events: work anniversaries, profile updates, and even new connections. Update your settings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, and other digital job search websites to keep your job search private.
  • Consider ethics. If you’re looking for a new career, it isn’t smart to research during work hours. Not only will using the company computer likely reveal your job search to your current employer, using company hours to find a new job isn’t ethical. Instead of getting paid to find a new job, search for engineering positions on your own time.

Don’t get fired for wanting a new career. Search smart to keep your job safe while you look for a new engineering job. Call Engineering Search Partners for information on engineering positions in Atlanta, Denver, Houston, and New Orleans.

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