Forensic Engineers

Forensic Engineers are often referred to as “CSI for Engineers”.

These specialized engineers are called upon by Insurance Companies, Attorneys, Building Owners, and other stakeholders when an Engineering Failure occurs. Forensic Engineering firms often hire engineers from many different industries and specialties…. Below are examples of particular sectors in High Demand.

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are called upon to investigate structural failures due to tornado & hurricane damage, earthquakes, and material failures.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers are often called upon to investigate fire scenes to determine if a fire was caused by an electrical component. Arc-Flash incidents and other industrial accidents are also investigated by Electrical engineers.

Accident & Reconstruction and Vehicle Engineers

Automobile and Trucking accidents are often investigated to determine the cause of an accident. Vehicle engineers also investigate vehicle components and tires for proper function and safety.

Fire & Explosion Investigations

In 2010, 1,331,500 fires were reported in the United States. These fires caused 3,120 civilian deaths, 17,720 civilian injuries, 72 firefighter deaths, and $11.6 billion in property damage (source, NFPA). . Forensic Fire Investigators evaluate fire scenes to determine the origin and cause of these fires.

Product Failure and Liability

Products failure from Litium Ion Batteries, to Vehicle parts to household applicances are all analyzed and investigated by engineers for Liability purposes.

BioMedical Device Failures and BioMechanic Investigations

Medical devices & failures along with Biomechanic Investigations are often evaluated by experienced Biomedical Engineers.



Aeronautical & Aviation Investigations

Aeronautical Engineers are often called upon to analyze and report on all aspects of aircraft accidents. This may include mid-air collisions, reconstruction of flight path using radar & flight data recordings, or the evaluation of metal or composite materials to determine the cause of the accident. Evaluations of Pilot actions and expectations are also investigated by these specialized engineers.