Recharging During the Holidays

Several weeks ago we discussed the myriad opportunities engineers can find when searching for a new career during the holidays. Finding a new engineering position during the holidays is advantageous because firms are looking, engineers aren’t, and engineers can take advantage of forward momentum. However, studies also show the benefits of unwinding during the holidays. Taking a break from work recharges and rejuvenates engineers, allowing them to attack problems with fresh eyes. This holiday season, don’t focus solely on work or play, but set your sights on establishing a healthy work/life balance.

The Power of Vacation

thanksgiving celebrationIt’s everyone’s favorite “fun fact” that taking time off work is actually beneficial to overall productivity. Countless studies have proven that disconnecting from duty leaves workers rested and recharged, giving them greater clarity of mind and a renewed drive to succeed in the office. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to step away from the stresses of an engineering career and refocus on what’s important. Taking time for family, sleep, good food, and personal hobbies just might help you tackle that insurmountable task that’s been building up at work.

Striking the Right Balance

As beneficial as vacations are to overall job satisfaction, it’s important to keep the principle in perspective. Weekends of play and a few days off for the holidays can easily spin out of control; an unproductive span between Thanksgiving and New Year’s could derail your career aspirations for another year. The holiday season falls just before a fresh quarter, making it the perfect time to finish strong at work or start fresh with a new opportunity. Whether you’re working for a promotion or searching for a new engineering career, the holidays are the best time to get a leg up on the competition. Taking time to rejuvenate during your days off will make you sharper and more focused during the work week, allowing you to push your career to new heights.

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