Jumpstart Your Job Search This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, most of us start contemplating all the tasks that entails. We may start mentally tallying our Christmas lists, dreaming about cooking Thanksgiving dinner and throwing festive Christmas parties, or anticipating a slower season at work. Most job hunters view the holidays as a prime opportunity to take a break and recharge. But while there’s no denying that a little R&R is beneficial to productivity, job hunters who take the holiday off are missing an enormous opportunity for finding a new career in engineering.

3 Reasons to Job Hunt during the Holidays

  1. businessman with gift boxSlimmer competition. Were you planning to press “pause” on the job search until after the new year? You’re not the only one. Most job seekers assume that hiring managers aren’t looking during the holidays. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With fewer engineers applying for positions and a higher-than-average percentage of engineers quitting their jobs, there’s no better time than Thanksgiving-Christmas to get flagged as a worthwhile candidate.

  2. Companies are looking. Not only does December mean more engineers turning in their two weeks’ notice, companies are already looking for fresh talent. Most companies determine their budgets for the following year in the fall, which means they know exactly how much revenue they can allot to new hires. They want a complete, trained staff to kick off the quarter come January 1st. That makes HR departments more receptive to engineering candidates, especially considering the holly, jolly holiday atmosphere.

  3. Networking. Holiday parties are good for more than just eggnog. Family get-togethers, office Christmas parties, and holiday fundraisers are brimming with new career opportunities just waiting to be mined. Take advantage of your engineering network by asking about career opportunities, making new connections, and strengthening old relationships during the holiday season.

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photo from FreeDigitalPhotos