Three Reasons to Get Involved in Professional Associations

Many career experts agree that getting involved in professional organizations goes a long way toward making important connections that could benefit your job search. There are professional organizations for almost every profession, including many national, state and regional chapters. An association allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals, and could offer experiences that you may have otherwise missed out on. Here are some important benefits of joining a professional association.

Build Your Network

The size and quality of your Network will equal your Net Worth!

This is probably the most obvious reason to join a professional network, but it’s one of the most important! Creating professional relationships is the cornerstone of joining any network, usually with the goal of connecting with someone that can offer a synergistic relationship. It’s wise to also connect with these same people on social media sites like LinkedIn, and if you have worked with them, do them the favor of leaving a recommendation (most people will reciprocate and leave you one in return).

Take Control of Your Career Making important business connections

Many professional organizations have additional career resources, such as private job posting boards, or offer assistance in career marketing documents such as resumes or cover letters. Other benefits may include seminars, training or certification programs tailored to your particular profession, and by taking part in any of these, it shows a potential employer that you are dedicated to staying connected to your particular profession.

 Competitive Edge

Often, members of a professional association gain access to news specific to their industry as well as other developments affecting their profession. Association newsletters, LinkedIn Groups or seminars are a great way to stay current on the latest trends and news in your industry.

Professional Associations for Engineers

For structural engineers, there are a number of options for professional involvement. Organizations like the Structural Engineering InstituteNational Council of Structural Engineers AssociationsAmerican Concrete AssociationAmerican Institute of Steel ConstructionCouncil of American Structural Engineers.

If you aren’t already involved in professional associations for your industry, these are great reasons to start! Engineering Search Partners is proud to be a part of SEI-Georgia, and SEAoG.