Engineering Pranks: Halloween Mischief on a Grand Scale

Half the fun of Halloween is dressing up the house, the yard, and the kids in spooky Halloween garb. The other half? Mischief, of course! April Fool’s Day isn’t the only holiday for office pranks and engineering gags. Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to stretch your prankster muscles and pull off the kind of Halloween tricks only an engineer could think up. Need some ideas? Here are our 3 favorite engineer pranks for Halloween.

  1. car prank - plastic wrapCarting Around Cars. Just because a prank is common doesn’t mean engineers can’t add a twist of their own. Pranksters – from high school students to professional engineers – love assembling cars in unlikely places. Two of the most impressive car pranks were performed by engineering students: the flying police car on the MIT dome and the car University of British Columbia students managed to suspend from a Vancouver bridge.
  2. Eco-Friendly Office Space. When we travel for work, we sometimes feel like we’ve been gone long enough for an entire eco-system to develop in our office. And sometimes – when we work with creative minds– it has. A software engineer in the UK returned from a three-week vacation to find his desk had sprouted a layer of grass. Luckily his coworkers had left his keyboard – a common victim of vegetation pranks – in peace.
  3. The World’s Biggest Game of Tetris. Some pranks are so brilliant they light up imaginations for miles around. Such was the case for the MIT Green Building, which engineers converted into a giant, playable Tetris board using LED lighting. Passersby could show off their Tetris skills by using an input panel across the street, which controlled the colored LEDs to create the most innovative game of Tetris to date.

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photo from flickr