Engineer Recruiting and Staffing in Denver

Denver Engineer Recruiting and Staffing

Engineering Search Partners places top engineering talent in some of the hottest markets across the country. With over 25 years of experience in both engineering and recruiting, we have the competitive edge to look past the resume and assess the innovation, skill, and experience of each individual candidate. We find Denver engineering firms that perfect new hire: an engineer with the qualifications, motivations, and talent to excel.

Recruiting Top Engineering Talent

The recruitment process can be frustrating and time consuming, particularly for engineering firms hiring for niche positions. By outsourcing recruitment engineering companies not only save their HR departments time and money, but also guarantee superlative new hires. Our recruiters use a proven leadership recruiting method to analyze the needs of each company and find candidates that fit both the engineering qualifications and the elusive “corporate culture” necessary for new employees to thrive. We specialize in evaluating and recruiting top talent in the structural, electrical, and forensic engineering spheres. Our process takes engineering candidates through a series of penetrating phone interviews, personalized interview coaching, and highly focused on-boarding to ensure a great fit for both the engineer and the hiring firm. We provide companies with top tier candidates, all but eliminating the stresses of staffing niche engineering positions.

Placing Engineers with Quality Engineering Firms

Are you an engineer in the Denver area looking for a rewarding career in civil engineering, forensic engineering, or industrial building design? Fill out our career wish list form to help us find the ideal career for your skills and expertise.