New Orleans Engineer Staffing

Engineering Search Partners recruits structural, geotechnical, and forensic engineers in the New Orleans, LA area. Our goal is to connect the biggest and brightest in careers such as building design, power transmission and delivery, manufacturing design and construction, and offshore oil and gas.

Engineering Candidates

Are you ready to find out what your next dream job looks like? We source top companies in the structural, geotechnical, and forensic engineering sectors to help New Orleans job candidates find the perfect fit. Our recruiting method provides a competitive advantage for our clients, offering an 85 percent success rate. We mine for information by asking what your strengths, passions and gifts are, and then use the very same to help you locate a desirable position. By filling out our Career Wishlist, you’re one step closer to getting that interview.

Patrick is amazing at finding the “perfect” job and made me feel like I was his only client–very prompt responses to e-mails and voice/text messages. He also did a great job with the coaching aspect of recruiting, which I have never had before with any other recruiter. I would highly recommend him if you want to find your dream job in engineering! – Amanda Cherry


We specialize in helping engineering firms find and hire the strongest individuals in the market. Our five-step hiring method begins with learning more about your company through a set of conversations that will allow us to discover your overall hiring strategy, specific needs, corporate culture and branding.

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